Customized Color Created With A Conscience

Color surrounds us, interacts with our bodies and energies, affects our moods, and makes things appear warm or cool, exciting or calming.  Color is a scientific system. Come let our color experts delight you with advanced techniques and creativity to transform your look.  Using foundational knowledge and the most cutting edge trends, allow us to enhance the shape of your haircut and create a customized look, just for you.

AVEDA Color for Healthy, Lustrous Hair

  • Up to 99% naturally derived—using plant power instead of petrochemicals.

  • Fade-resistant full spectrum™ is cruelty free, manufactured with 100% wind power.

Now all organic, our signature blend of conditioning oils includes sunflower, castor, jojoba, coconut and babassu oils that helps protect hair during processing and infuses it with amazing shine—for essentially damage-free hair color. Plus, the powerful antioxidant, red tea rooibos, has been added to full spectrum™ to help protect our color formulas.


This term refers to lightening certain parts of the hair so that it is lighter than the hair it lays against. This adds contrast and dimension. It's not just blondes who benefit from this technique, but any hair color can achieve this look. There are many types of highlighting technique that determine the size of the highlights, the level of contrast, tone as well as how they are placed. With so many options, pricing can vary and you and your stylist can come up with a good plan to fit your needs & budget.

Partial Highlights: This placement is concentrated on the crown of the head and are usually placed around the face for a framing or brightening effect.

Full Highlights: This placement consists of the not only the crown, but the full head including the back.

Pricing varies with this service depends upon level of stylist and certain options.


Partial Highlighting

$75 - $105

Master Level • $105

Senior Level • $95

Studio Level • $85

Protegé Level • $75

Complimentary Stress Relieving Included

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Full Highlighting

$100 - $130

Master Level • $130

Senior Level • $120

Studio Level • $110

Protegé Level • $100

Complimentary Stress Relieving Included

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All Over Color & Retouch Color

Retouch: This means just to color just the new growth to match the existing color on the midshaft/ends of your hair.

Retouch + Color Balance (All Over Color): This refers to an all-over application of the color from new growth to ends.


All Over Color

$70 - $105

Master Level • $95 - $105

Senior Level • $85 - $95

Studio Level • $75 - $85

Protegé Level • $70 - $80

Additional charges may apply

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Retouch/New Growth

$60 - $85 +

Master Level • $85+

Senior Level • $75+

Studio Level • $65+

Protegé Level • $60+

Additional charges may apply

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Balayage & Ombré

Instagram is full of this trendy and beautiful color technique that gives you that lived in look. Here are the main differences between the two so that you can decide which is the best for you.

Balayage is a French word, which means "to sweep" referring to the way the stylist applies the color. This gives a natural transition from the dark to light. With this technique, the transition is more natural and gives a "sun kissed" look to your hair. 

Ombré means "shadow" in French. This transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade is generally less subtle than the balayage technique. Think of color blocking where there are no dark pieces left on the bottom for a more dramatic effect. Ombré is usually a little more maintenance than balayage, so keep that in mind.

Fashion Colors

This latest trend basically means coloring your hair with non-natural colors such as blues, violets, greens and even pastels. This is an incredibly complex service and may need several visits to achieve your desired hue. An extensive consultation with your stylist is necessary so that you get what you are envisioning. Pricing will be determined upon consultation. 

Corrective Color

For those that have had an unfortunate experience with box or non-Aveda color, our corrective service will get you back to where you want to be. Keep in mind this will require a complete consultation and planning session between you and your Tangerine stylist. You could be requiring several visits to achieve your desired look.

Love Your Color?

Keep it looking new for up to 6 weeks

with new color conserve daily color protect. Our 93% naturally derived* leave-in treatment triple protects your color with a plant-powered complex that helps seal it in and protect it from environmental stressors and sun damage. Keep the vibrant color you love, with Aveda's Color Conserve system.

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