Hairstyle Trend For Fall: Welcome Back, Rachel!

It is time to say hello to an old friend! That’s right, The Rachel is back! Well, not exactly, but Jennifer Aniston is once again setting the tone for the hair trend of the moment. 

We all remember when The Rachel hairstyle was seen everywhere! Inspired by Jennifer’s character on FRIENDS, this style swept the nation from 1994 to 1997. Literally, we all knew someone who had the cut! While this style is thankfully staying in the time vault, Jennifer’s newest cut is the epitome of what is trending today – messy-chic. 

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5 Tips for Locks as Luscious as Cole Beasley's

From the 5 Points Blue Blog - If you’re anything like us, you experience major hair-envy every time you catch a glimpse of Cole Beasley without his helmet on. While we’re not entirely sure what his hair-care routine actually is, we bet it isn’t far off from what our friends at Tangerine Salon would suggest in order to get (and maintain) your own luscious locks.

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Mohawk Boho Braid Hair Tutorial

In this tutorial, Jill Ottinger - Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon, shows you how to do a quick and easy Boho Mohawk Braid! Jill has long hair, but this hairstyle can be achieved on all lengths of hair. All you will need to achieve this look is a few bobby pins, elastic hair ties and hair spray to secure the style - we recommend Aveda Air Control.

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Date Night Hair Tutorial - Twisted Updo

This simple and chic hairstyle is perfect for your next girls night out, date night or any special occasion.

In this video, Jill Ottinger - Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon in Highland Village, Texas - shows you how to do a quick and easy twisted up-style. All you will need to achieve this look is a few bobby pins and hair spray - we recommend using Aveda Air Control Flexible Hold Hairspray.

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