Hair Tutorial - How to Diffuse Curly Hair

In this tutorial, Kari Wawrzonek, Master Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon, shows you how to style curly hair using a diffuser and Aveda Be Curly Products. 


- Wrap your damp hair into a turban to remove extra moisture.
- Use a wide tooth comb.
- Scrunch, Scrunch, Scrunch as your styling.
- Apply product! For most people you will need more than you are used to using, you should be able to feel it but not see it, I go for a squishy feeling while I'm scrunching it in.
- Gently tousle curls when they're dry after styling.

*** DON'T:
- Rub your damp hair with a towel.
- Brush or use a fine tooth comb / pull or rake through the curls - all of these things will disrupt your curl pattern and create frizz.
- Skip product - Curls need moisture. 
- Handle hair when dry, touching dry curls leads to frizz.
- Don't give up the first few times you attempt to style your hair curly or wavy! It might not turn out that great, especially if you have been wearing it strait for awhile. You might need to adjust your product cocktail or cut back on the amount of heat you are using. Your hair texture is unique to you so it might take some time to find your method!

5 Beautiful Hairstyles for Back to School (with Tutorials!)

5 Beautiful Hairstyles for Back to School (with Tutorials!)

Want to head back to school in style? You don't need to spend hours working on your hair every morning to have a fun, new look. These five styles give you everything you need to easily have a different hairdo every day of the school week, courtesy of the creative minds behind one of the best hair salons in Dallas in 2017.


The Topsy Tail Twist

This is an elegant approach to an already popular technique. Start by taking the hair at the crown of your head and putting it in a loose ponytail. Then, take the ponytail, flip it up, and push it through behind the hair tie. Take small strands from the left and right and twist them loosely before crossing them over the ponytail and securing them. Create another loose ponytail with the remaining hair above your ears and turn it upside just like the first one.  

The Topsy Tail Braid

Similar to the Topsy Tail Twist, this look is created by layering one topsy tail over another to create a braid-like look on one side. Simply bring the hair to one side and use a small section of hair to create your first topsy tail. Then, take each subsequent section of hair to wrap around the previous one and create a new topsy tail loosely over the top. 


The Space Buns

Space buns are a fun, intricate design that begins with parting your hair down the center. Create two Dutch braids going from your bangs straight back to the crown of your head. Next, tie the hair in a knot. Hold it in place, wrap the tail around the knot, and pin it down to create a unique messy bun look. 


Side Swept Updo

This two-minute updo is great for any occasion. Simply bring all of your hair around the back of your neck to your side of choice. Place one pin in the back of your neck, and then twist a small section of hair upward, pinning it behind the ear. Twist the rest of your hair up and back to loop over the two pins you already placed. Add a few more pins to hold it up. 


Loose, Airy Curls

Everybody yearns for perfect curls. Using a backward sweeping motion and small sections of hair, you can achieve this look every time. Instead of wrapping your hair up in the curling iron, gently work it through the curling iron by opening and closing it as you go. 

The Topsy Tail Bun tutorial and other designs come to you from the best hair salon in Dallas. If you've been searching for trending hairstyles, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Tangerine Salon.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Tangerine Salon

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Tangerine Salon

Ready to add rocket fuel to your hairdressing career?

Learn why Tangerine Salon is the best career move you can make. 

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Tangerine Salon:

10 - Growth & Development
9 - Caring Management
8 - Education Fit For You
7 - Great Benefits
6 - Awards, Celebrations & Christmas Party
5 - Incredible Marketing
4 - Creativity
3 - Our Salon Locations
2 - Featured On Local & National TV Shows
1 - Bucket List Opportunities

Click here to learn more about our career opportunities and to apply to be a part of the team at Tangerine Salon.

Aveda Pure-Fume Hair Mists

aveda pure-fume hair mists



Aveda's new hair mists come in three aromas - Mihana, Marassona and Alanara. Spritz these on mid-day or anytime you need to feel refreshed. They will add an exhilarating aroma, softness and shine to your beautiful locks.

aveda alabama hair mist



Inspired by the ancient Fertile Crescent, where spices and blossoms collide. Alanara consists of Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with sandalwood, certified organic rose, oud, olibanum and other pure flower and plant essences.

marassona hair mist



Inspired by Brazil's magical coastline. Also infuses softness and shine. Marassona consists of Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic neroli, lemon and ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences.

mihana hair mist



Inspired by the forests and gardens of Japan. Also infuses softness and shine. Mihana consists of Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with jasmine, certified organic mandarin, clove and other pure flower and plant essences.

Rose Gold Hair Color

In this video, Bobbi Willmon, Hairstylist & Education Director at Tangerine Salon, shows you how to achieve a beautiful Rose Gold Hair Color using Aveda's Full Spectrum Color Line. 

How To Achieve This Look:
The first step is to pre-lighten the hair using Aveda Enlightener. The Enlightener will process for 35-45 minutes. Then, the Enlightener is shampooed out using Aveda Color Conserve. Next, Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution and Color Conserve pH Finish are applied to even porosity and strengthen the hair. Aveda Ash Blonde Toner is then applied to the hair, followed by more Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution. Now the Fashion Color is applied as an All Over Color to the hair and processes for 10-20 minutes. The color is rinsed out and Aveda Color Conserve pH Finish is applied and sits for 3 minutes on the hair. The hair is blow dried and styled and ready to debut

Beach Hair Care

beach waves.jpg



The perfect beach hair requires proper care before, during and after a trip to the beach. To avoid the effects of harsh beach elements and make sure your locks remain as luscious as ever during your time at the beach, follow these tips.

1. For humidity-proof hair, find a balance

Before battling beach humidity, prepare your hair by making it as healthy as possible. For dry hair, avoid washing it too frequently and consider using a hot oil rinse or repair mask. Do you have oily hair? Do not over-condition or use heavy oils or serums.

At Tangerine Salons, we recommend Aveda’s sun care products for hair, including the hair and body cleanser, after-sun hair masque and protective hair veil mist.

2. Find the right hairstyle

Beach hairstyles for short hair and long hair can be very different, but both keep hair fun and stylish. For short beach haircuts, try using a small wrap or a quad braid. For long haircuts, try a side swoop braid. For all hair types, try a variation of the double bun.

3. Accessorize your hair

Use a scarf, hat or wrap to keep hair from drying out and frizzing.

4. Be careful with hair products

Do not overdo it. Only use the recommended amount unless told otherwise by a hair care professional. Also make sure any product is appropriate for your hair. Do not use heavy oils or serums if you’re prone to oily hair, or products with high amounts of alcohol if you’re prone to dry hair.

5. Protect color-treated hair

Color-treated hair damages easily and can look unhealthy at the slightest sign of discoloration. To make sure color-treated hair looks great at the beach, use products that offer color protection.

6. Avoid torturing your hair

Avoid heating tools and chemical processes that can dry out or damage hair. If using a hair dryer or flat iron is inevitable, make sure to use a heat protectant.

7. Use sunscreen

Too much sun can cause discoloration, dryness and brittle ends. To make sure hair isn’t too sun-damaged, make sure to protect it on a consistent basis. Use hair products with SPF or rub a bit of your sunscreen lotion on your hair. Make sure to protect your hair with SPF on the actual beach trip as well.

Tangerine Salon

For more beach hairstyles and tips, visit your local Tangerine Salon. Our stylists are ready to help you find the perfect hairstyle for your next beach trip. 

Why TANGERINE Is The Place To Work: Do Well by Doing Good!

Are you interested in helping others? Do you like to bring positive change to the world? Is giving back a big part of who you are? If so, why not find a career with a company that has the same philanthropic passions as you?

One of the biggest perks of Tangerine’s work life is the opportunities they provide to help improve the planet and shape the lives of those in need. From their annual Earth Month campaign to individual donations to local charitable events, there is no cause too big or small for Tangerine to be a part of.

Each year, Tangerine Salon participates in a large number of charitable endeavors, supporting many causes.

earth month cut a thon

The Earth Month Campaign is an annual event that Tangerine has been a part of for the past 6 years. So far, the company has raised over $100,000 for the earth-conscious causes chosen by the campaign. Most recently, the salon raised $20,000 for the Gulf Restoration Network. 

In addition to their ongoing support of Earth Month, Tangerine also participates in fundraising by hosting, sponsoring, and supporting in any way they can a number of charitable causes. Some of these include the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Taylor’s Gift Foundation, and local pet shelters/SPCA. On top of their active work to raise money, Tangerine also donates over $10,000 in gift cards each year to other charitable events throughout Dallas/Fort Worth.    

Plus, Tangerine also supports causes that their stylists and staff care about. If there is a cause near and dear to your heart, Tangerine will stand with you and work to help you give support. When it comes to giving back, you will not find another company as dedicated as Tangerine. 

If you are looking for a job with an amazing salon in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Tangerine is the place for you. With four locations throughout the metroplex, the title of being The Trusted Salon of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and a give-back attitude, this company is the perfect place to advance your career as a hairstylist. 

Click here to learn more about career opportunities at Tangerine Salon.

This blog post was written by Jerett Walters.


"If you love what you do, it won't feel like work, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for writing into a career. As a copywriter and blogger, nothing is more rewarding than getting to use your words to promote brands and messages that you care about. Being asked to work with a company like Tangerine is one such honor for me. As a longtime client, I have always admired the business practices of this organization and their dedication to excellence."

Gloss Smudging – The New Hair Trend You Want!

Every other season or so, a new term gains popularity and has everyone who sits in a stylist’s chair asking for it – think balayage, ombre, or even “the Pob,” that’s right, you remember Posh’s bob that swept the world by storm!

Sometimes these terms have a very specific meaning, while other times they just become a generalized part of the lexicon that people use to kind of describe the overall look they are wanting. Well, the next term, and trend, is about to blow up this summer. Are you ready for it?!


That’s right, you read that correctly. Gloss smudging is going to be the new term that everyone who steps foot into a salon will be asking for. So, what is it that this term defines? Well, that’s simple – it is an added measure to make your highlights/new color look more natural! And as you know from our previous “Spring Trends Blog,” natural-looking is making a big come back!

Gloss smudging is basically a way to blend the line between your roots/new growth and your colored hair. No one likes the harsh lines left behind from foils, and gloss smudging is the perfect way to avoid that look. Think of it as the smudging technique you use when smudging your eyeliner to blend it.

“Gloss smudging is a great way to soften the look of highlighted hair, give the client a polished look, and stay on trend with the more natural looks.” – John Ball, Stylist at Tangerine – Dallas

The technique gloss smudging is referring to is a step that follows after the coloring is done. Once your foils have been removed and the color washed out, a gloss or toner is applied to just your roots with a brush, which blurs or “smudges” where the roots end and the color begins. It is all about blending the colors and softening the lines to create a smoother transition of color.

This technique works perfectly with the balayage technique of applying color and can be used on the ombre look to achieve a softer fade into the new color! Through Balayage, the way color is applied has helped to prevent harsh lines that run in horizontal stripes across the hair. Gloss Smudging takes the natural look of the application to the next level, helping to make the transition between root color and lightened hair more seamless and natural appearing. 

If you are looking for a way to jazz your hair up, be sure to ask your stylist about gloss smudging. This technique will be around for a long time, and this summer is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. A gloss smudge application is a great way to achieve a natural, sun-kissed appearance with your hair! Call and book your appointment with your Tangerine stylist today! 

Pramasana - Scalp Care for Beautiful Hair

The foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp. 

Scalp care goes beyond cleansing; it involves balancing sebum levels, preserving the scalp's natural protective barrier and helping protect it from pollution and other free radicals. Luckily, Aveda's newest line of products does all of those things and more!

Aveda - Tangerine Salon

Pramasana features a fresh, clean aroma of grapefruit, neroli and cypress and is formulated with an exclusive blend of ingredients that helps balance, strengthen and protect the scalp.

• Seaweed Extract helps balance and control sebum levels

• Lactobacillus helps preserve the scalp's protective barrier

• Tamanu oil, an antioxidant, helps soothe the scalp and protect it from pollution and other free radicals.

Aveda - Tangerine Salon

The Pramasana Awakening Scalp Ritual is a three step process that can be performed at home:

• Exfoliate with the Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush

• Cleanse with the Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

• Balance and Protect with the Pramasana Protective Scalp Concentrate

You can also add the professional Pramasana Scalp Treatment to your next salon service. This "Facial for the Scalp" includes the Pramasana Nourishing Scalp Masque" that is only available in the salon. It will stimulate, cleanse and balance your scalp while leaving your hair beautifully soft and shiny.

Call 972-393-9200 to schedule your appointment. 

The Head-Turning Hairstyles Rockin' the Music Festival Scene in 2017

Experiencing music festival FOMO? Worry not, trend setter – the season is just getting started. See what trending hair styles are in high demand at Tangerine Salon as men and women across the country narrow down their makeup and hair routines for a weekend of seriously stylish debauchery. 


The '90s have returned to bring just the right amount of shimmer to an otherwise grownup look. Whether it’s glitter roots on a bob with a neat center part or larger pieces spread through a short fade, glitter is here to stay for the rest of 2017.  


Bohemian waves with small braids scattered throughout a flowing mane have been in style for years, as have braided crowns. Fresher, though, is the tight cornrow style of French braids complemented by bold lips and eyes. Flashy jewelry also works well with this look.  


Think Gwen Stefani when she was still part of No Doubt. To get the look, part the hair into two sections and secure two buns high on the head. Add two French braids extending from the peak of the forehead for added dimension. Want a single center bun? Mix it up by pulling only half of your hair up – set higher and messier than usual.  

Color, Color, Color  

Bold hues of all colors have been the latest hair style for a couple years now and it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere. From Kylie Jenner’s “highlighter” hue to a rich, glossy color revival, using a shampoo such as Aveda Color Conserve will ensure it thrives long after two to three days of sweaty, sunny stage hopping.  

Au Naturale

Black, white, brown, purple – women and men of all ethnicities are embracing their natural locks with the “less is more” mentality. This is especially true when looking to music festival hair trends. The idea is to create an effortless look (even when it takes a miracle to pull off behind the scenes). Prep well in advance with a blowout or keratin treatment.  

As an Aveda salon, Tangerine is thrilled to offer cutting-edge styles to the Dallas area. Whether you’re booking to make sure those braids aren’t sprouting split ends or get expert advice on how to change your hair color using natural products, Tangerine Salon will have you in and out of the chair well before your festival pilgrimage begins.

Hair Color Transformation - Greenery (Pantone's Color of the Year)

John Ball, Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon, shows the process of a Fashion Color Transformation in this video. He takes his client's virgin hair from dark brown to 'Greenery' - inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017. John uses all Aveda Hair Color to achieve this look.

Three Simple Styles Using Aveda Men's Thickening Paste

In this tutorial, Jac Hickman, Hairstylist at Tangerine Salon, shows you how to achieve three men's hairstyles using the new Aveda Men's Thickening Paste. All you will need to achieve these looks is Aveda Men's Thickening Paste and a comb.

Aveda Men's Pure-Formance Thickening Paste instantly thickens hair and adds a pliable hold to create any style. This 93% naturally derived styling paste includes Amla which helps thicken each individual hair strand making hair look and feel thicker from roots to ends and provides a highly versatile hold with a natural finish.

Coachella Hair & Makeup - Festival Season Style Guide

We're feeling the Coachella vibes! Whether you're headed to the desert or another festival this summer, we're helping you get inspired with this style guide.In this video, we're showing how you can add simple touches to your look to get ready for festival season!Here are some tips on how to achieve these boho, festival-ready looks:1 - Add hair piercings to your braid. (You can find these at your local craft store)2 - Add in some elements of nature.3 - You can never go wrong with ...

A Cut Above the Buzz Cut – Hair Etching for All Hair Types

We at Tangerine Salons are committed to providing fabulous service for our clientele. In order to truly keep our clients happy, gorgeous and in style, our staff and stylists are constantly learning what is new in the world of hair and beauty.  

One of the latest trends that we are excited to talk about is “hair tattoos.” They are a great option for both men and women who are looking to add a sense of fun that is not too permanent.  

Hair tattoos are also referred to as hair etching, undercut tattoos, shaving designs or simply designs. They have been around for quite some time in barbershops, but have made a strong appearance in the mainstream lately.  

Though the word tattoo is included in the name, there is no ink involved and there is no permanence. Simply put, hair tattoos are designs created using razors and edging clippers on already-cut or shaven-down hair.  

Common designs include geometric or abstract patterns, but portraits and realistic images have also been used. There is also the option of adding color to your hair tattoo to add an extra sense of uniqueness.  

hair etching designs men women.png

This new trend is perfect if you are feeling a bit like a rebel or simply like frequent change. Once the hair grows back, the design is gone and the hair is no longer “tattooed.” You have the option to end the rebel phase or continue it with a new design.  

For women and men with long hair, an undercut tattoo is a great option. Only the lower mane and nape areas are shaved and tattooed. While the hair is down, it looks very normal; as soon as it is put up, a cool, hip design is visible to amaze the crowd.  


For those looking for a small addition of fun for their hairstyle, there is also the option of tattooing or adding designs that are simply lines. They add a sense of edge without as much commotion.  


Another trend to look out for in the upcoming months is the use of temporary hair tattoos. Unlike the hair tattoos previously mentioned, these are more similar to temporary body tattoos.  

They are typically gold or silver designs applied to the hair with a damp cloth. They adhere to your hair and will stay on unless they are washed or brushed off. These are a great option as a daily hair accessory.

Hair Tutorials - Effortless Beach Waves & A Braided Updo

We teamed up with Dallas Fashion Blogger, Lynlee Poston (aka Gal About Town), to show you how to create effortless beach waves and a simple braided updo. Both of these looks are super simple to achieve and perfect to take from your workday to a night out! All you need to create these looks is a flat iron, a few bobbi pins and hair elastics and Aveda Air Control Hairspray. 

Beach Waves Styling Tip: Be sure to quickly move the flat iron through your hair to avoid creases and damage to your hair.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more hair and makeup tutorials!

How To Style Your Hair On Non-Wash Days

Extend your hairstyle between washes using Aveda’s Shampure products. Aveda Artist Jen demonstrates how to style your hair on each non-wash day with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo and the new Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner in this hair tutorial. 

On Day 1, try a looped braid for an easy twist on a traditional braid. Boost the curls from the braid on Day 2, by creating effortless waves. On Day 3 when your hair is feeling dirty, take advantage of the developed texture from the previous days by pulling your hair back in a romantic ponytail.  

For all of these go-to hairstyles, use the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo and Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner to easily extend the time between washes and keep hair looking fresh. Apply Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo to your roots and massage into the hair and scalp with your fingers to eliminate excess oil and revive hair. Spray Aveda’s Thermal Dry Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and brush through for even distribution of freshly detangled and conditioned hair. 

This hair tutorial was created by Aveda.

Hair Trends for Spring

Hair trends come and go, and while a trend does not have to dictate your style, it is easy to combine the latest look with what you are comfortable with. The runways of Paris, New York, and Milan always give a hyperbole of hairstyles, but if you pay attention, you will see the coming trends for us mere mortals. 

This season, the runways were full of exciting looks, but one common theme seemed to prevail, style based on the boho-chic mindset. This spring definitely seems set to be a bit of a melting pot of styles of the past. The looks all pull from the different eras, combining influences from the 60’s through today.  


Let’s start with color!  


The pastels and grays that have dominated Instagram feeds across the nation seem to be fading out. This spring, it is more about textured color leaning towards more natural shades. Instead of doing a solid blonde with a heavy toned look, opt for different shades of blondes or tones of brown throughout your hair. Balayage is still the trending method to give that natural, graduated looking effect. It just helps avoid those harsh lines when coloring your hair! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your color, though. If you want purple tones, get purple tones!  

Now for the style...

Picture some of the hairstyles you see celebrities sporting at Coachella, and realize that is what will be seen everywhere this spring and beyond! A lot of trends from the past are coming back and mixing together. From flat ironed, smooth hair to natural waves, all styles will be seen. Hair accessories are also back this season – feathers, headbands, and scarfs. Heck, even the mushroom haircut has found a place in this season’s looks. It’s a bohemian rhapsody of styles!  

Let’s start with the easiest way to sport the latest look, add a simple micro-braid or three to your hair. This gives you the bohemian vibe and gives your hair a little character. This works great with naturally wavy hair to keep on-trend.



Pin-straight hair is also back. Long, simple, and sleek is a definite look this spring. Think Cher, and be ready to flip your locks over your shoulder. Remember to use the proper heat protecting products to avoid damage when flat ironing!  

Image Source

Image Source

The mushroom haircut – think long chili bowl with edge! This isn’t the classic nightmare you think of, but an updated version that combines the look with elements of the asymmetric bob that was so popular a few years back.

As far as styling your hair, whatever the cut, the most important things is to have fun! Whether you want to do a high pony, a loose side-braid, a half-up/half-down top-knot, or wear it free-flowing, it is all about embracing you! Whatever you choose, it should look relatively easy.  

Oh, and don’t forget the accessories! Jazz your hair up with clip-ins, headbands, scarfs, jewels, or even flowers. This is where you can really have fun!   

Have fun this spring!  

Whatever cut or color you decide on, don’t be afraid to have fun! The stylist at Tangerine are all up-to-date on delivering the most modern take of the classic hairstyles of the past and are ready to have you leading the trends this spring! Call today to book your appointment and see what our talented staff can do for you.

Wellness : Heart Focused Breathing

aveda spa meditation

Many of the traditional wisdom teachings from around the world point to the heart as the seat of consciousness. The heart is our connection to a consciousness greater than our ego. Approaching life with an open heart opens the door to this greater consciousness. 

To some degree, approaching life with an open heart is as simple as shifting your attention to your heart. Simple yet profound, the heart-focused breath and feeling technique will access your heart’s intelligence and its connection to a higher state of consciousness. As a result, you’ll be more open to practice some of the heart’s greatest lessons— patience, compassion and unconditional love. 

By creating a state of coherence between the heart and mind, within as few as 60 seconds, you can relieve stress and replace feelings of frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger with feelings of positivity and calm. When you are in a coherent state of being, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you perform at your best by accessing intuition, creativity and higher-level decision making. 

Use this technique whenever you experience draining moments or trying times, however subtle they may be, before any meeting or anytime you simply want to feel good. 

STEP 1: Heart Focus

Focus your attention on the heart area in the center of your chest. The first few times you practice this technique, place your hand on the center of your chest to help you maintain your heart focus. 

STEP 2: Heart Breathing

• Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart area. Slow and deepen your breath, more than usual. 

• Feel your breath flowing in through the heart as you inhale and out through the heart as you exhale. 

• Continue breathing in this manner until you establish a rhythm that feels natural to you. 

STEP 3: Heart Feeling

• As you maintain your heart focus and heart breathing, generate a positive feeling by bringing your attention to a time when you felt good inside. One way to generate a heart feeling is to remember a special place you’ve been to or the love you feel for a close friend, family member or pet. 

• Now experience the feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love. This is the most important step in the technique.

This blog post was written by Aveda.

Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017 | Tangerine Salon

With every new year comes new colors and styles. Give your locks the trendy makeover they deserve with one of the following hues:

Blorange: As you might guess, blorange is a mix of blonde and orange for a subtle pop of color that’s great for work and play. The peach hue was debuted by Georgia Jagger (yes, Mick’s daughter) who rocked the look with messy beach waves. It hasn’t slowed since and for good reason—it looks great on every skin tone!

Lilac/Mauve: Take advantage of your natural brown tones by adding a soft fade of purple or deep chocolate well past your roots. It’s easy to keep up and subtle enough for professionals.

Jewel Tones: Mix bright colors in a blended way with ribbons of shocking hues and color melts. Though it works best with light hair, those with naturally dark color can still ace this look by asking one of our colorists to pre-lighten their locks.

Baby Blonde: Just as it sounds, Baby Blonde is a virgin hue that contrasts perfectly with the dark colors of fall and winter. To maintain it, color-specific shampoos and conditioners (like Aveda Color Conserve) will keep it looking young.

Ice: Ice colors are a fresh take on what used to be bold hues. From frosty grays to platinum blonde, ice is the sharp edge you need to invigorate a striking trend. Once we transform your look, our best advice is to color treat with conditioner that will keep your color vibrant.

Makeover Inspiration

Want a bold do-over that really speaks to your expressive nature? At Tangerine Salon, we offer the following color palettes:

All-Natural Aveda Rainbow Hair: Rainbow has been in—but getting this look with natural Aveda products? Yes. Pioneered by Guy Tang, the trend works with the application of Aveda pure tones for a finish that looks magnificently beautiful without harsh unnatural chemicals.

Galaxy Colors: Dreaming of hair that looks like the Milky Way? Galaxy color is here to stay with bright teals and purples for the ultimate in #hairgoals.

Rose Gold Blonde: Our expert colorists say it works best on people with pale yellow skin tones and a dark eye color. A little copper and gold mixed with pink; rose gold hair is the perfect transition from winter to spring.

Dramatic hair color transformations tend to take longer than your typical appointment, and some looks require more aftercare than others. Share your hair color dreams with one of our stylists and we’ll help you make it a reality.